Back to Life, Back to Blogging

So here I am.  A fresh start with a fresh blog.  I had to delete my old blog because it was all about wedding planning.  I could no longer blog about wedding planning because I’m no longer engaged.  I’m no longer engaged because on Christmas Day my then-fiance confessed he’d been using meth for about a year and he had been lying about it.  I broke off the engagement and had to figure out how to start over.

Several weeks and much drama later (read: stolen car/TV/laptop/passport, therapy sessions, and crying myself to sleep for many nights) I’ve decided it is time to come back to life.  I came back to my job as a high school media specialist after a 2-week leave.  I’ve gotten rid of my apartment and am currently test driving vehicles to replace my car.  I’m starting to feel a little like my old self (I’ve even made it 3 days in a row without crying!).

ImageI‘ll be testing this guy tonight

But I missed blogging.  I missed sharing my wedding planning adventure with others and reading their comments/ideas/support.  So I’m back.  Back to the blogosphere.  I don’t have a specific blogging purpose in mind, so this will be slightly more random.  I’ll be rambling about how to figure out life as a newly-single 20-something who lives in the frigid upper Midwest.  If you want me to be more specific, I’ll probably write about recovering from my life falling apart, DIY ideas and projects (I’m not super crafty, but I like to try), recipes (ditto with the crafting thing, but with cooking), ideas for school, and (hopefully someday) dating.  I’ll just consider myself part Carrie Bradshaw, part Martha Stewart, and part Sybil (like I said, this might be slightly schizophrenic and random).

Here we go.  It’s time to live again.


11 thoughts on “Back to Life, Back to Blogging

  1. hello,
    I am a weddingbee reader, and followed the link in your last post. I just wanted to say so sorry about your ex fiance. I can’t imagine what that would be like. Thank god everything came out in the open BEFORE you married him and brought children into that situation. You seem to be a tough lady with a great support system(church, family, friends). You got this!

    By the way, It seems like your interests are similar to mine (ie: trying to craft) 🙂
    I will be following your new blog. Looking forward to future posts.
    P.S. The car you posted is very snazzy and shiny, hopefully it drives nice.

  2. Cheers to baby steps, fresh starts, empty old apartments, and driving new cars.
    To the apprehension, excitement, and surprises of the unknown.
    To friendship, honesty, and the eventual new journeys of love that you so very much deserve.

  3. Visiting from the ‘Bee. Sending you big hugs as you figure out what’s next. Sounds like you have some good plans in place. Have fun test driving that beauty! (aka Mrs. Rubber Stamps)

  4. not my business but just wondering how you didn’t figure out he was on meth? did he steal your car, laptop, etc?

    so glad you got out! yikes! i hope you allow yourself plenty of time to heal. I’m sending you ecupcakes and ehugs!

    • He confessed it to me. And I’m not totally sure who it was…he to me some of his “friends” borrowed his car and my spare keys were on his keyring, but at this point it’s tough to believe anything that he says.

      Yeah, things were pretty messy for awhile there…

    • Sorry, just re-read that. He showed no outward signs of it and he told me he was only using once or twice a month (when I was gone or whatever) and then it got really bad when I went home the week before Christmas. But trust me, I have been asking myself the same question. I’m trying to accept that he’s an addict and lying and manipulation are what they so to survive.

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