Double-Post Tuesday

Sorry for double-posting today guys.  But I warned you this is going to be a pretty random blog.  I’ve had a few heavier posts lately, and I just came across an article I wanted to share from Buzzfeed:

For anyone else who is trying to lose weight and/or train for a longer race, this article is amazing.  Breakfast is one of the most important details when embarking on a weight loss/training journey, yet it’s also one of the more difficult.  I usually can’t get my butt out of bed early enough to make myself look decent and get to work on time; there’s no way I can find time to make myself a filling, healthy breakfast each day.  

I’ve done the egg muffins (#9) and they are amazing.  I spend an hour on Sunday afternoon baking and I have breakfast for the rest of the week.  Admittedly, I haven’t made these for a few weeks because I am kind of sick of them.  Now I have 22 other ideas to try out!  

And trust me, I plan on trying many of these.  I’ll let you know how it goes!



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