Valentine’s Day

Yes, like everyone else in the blogosphere, I am writing a post about Valentine’s Day.  And yes, I’m too tired to think of a more creative title.  I would like to take this moment to apologize to my readers.

I wouldn’t say I was dreading this Valentine’s Day, but I was definitely more aware of it than I had been in previous years.  This is the first V Day since 2010 that I haven’t been with C.  It’s the first V Day since I had my heart broken into a million pieces and saw my engagement come to an end.

It’s not like C and I ever did anything extravagant for Valentine’s Day.  I’m kind of torn when it comes to this holiday.  I am opposed to the premise that we need a specific day to tell people we love just how much we care about them.  That should be a common occurrence.  However, I am a hopeless romantic at heart.  I love hearing cute Valentine’s stories.  Plus, the world can always use more love.  So C and I never did anything big for Valentine’s Day (actually, we usually ended up doing something on February 18 because my birthday is February 22 and I did not expect him to plan 2 celebrations in 8 days).

But still.  Even if I don’t really believe in the day, I still see all the couples around me and be reminded that I am single.  I expected it to hurt.  A lot.  I expected to be really sad and bitter all day.  Everyone around me expected that as well.  In fact, my mom made me promise I would go stay with them this weekend, so I’m taking off for Dickinson in about 3 hours.  I kinda figured I would drive home and then host an “I Hate Valentine’s” party a la Jessica Biel on Valentine’s Day.

When I woke up this morning, I didn’t feel any of these negative emotions.  I had texts from my parents and 2 of my friends who live in the Eastern time zone (so it was an hour later for them).  So far I’ve gotten 6 Valentine cards and treats from students, and more texts have rolled in.  

ImageValentines from students as of 11 A.M.


This one made me laugh pretty hard…and yes, that is a single Dorito glued to the bottom

I am definitely happy because I’m feeling the love from so many people in my life, but I’m also very pleased with my reaction to this day.  I’m so glad that I still love love.  All the shit that happened to me has not turned me into a bitter old curmudgeon.  I can realize that though my relationship didn’t work out I still have so many people in my life that care about me, and for that I am incredibly blessed.

If you are in a relationship today, I hope you and your loved one have a great day sharing your feelings.  If, like me, you are riding solo this time, try not to be sad about that fact.  Instead, appreciate the loved ones you do have in your life.  I hate people who refer to the day as S.A.D. (Singles Awareness Day).  Who cares if you are single?  There’s enough love to go around for everyone.  Love your family, love your friends, and love yourself.  You don’t need a significant other to be happy.  

Sending much love on this day of love ❤


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