Training Update

I realize my posts have been all gloom and doom as of late.  I feel like I have been surrounded by negativity, and no matter what I do bad things keep happening.  I can’t control a majority of what has happened, but I do have 100% control over how I respond to these situations.  I’m done focusing on the negativity.  It’s time to focus on how I can move on from these situations.

As far as the fire at my high school, I’ve been brainstorming ways to help raise money.  I’ve contacted a few national figures via Twitter and email (hey, you never know) about helping spread the word for the relief fund.  If anyone in the blogosphere wants to help, here’s the link:

Any and all support is greatly, greatly appreciated.  Also, if you believe in the power of prayer please consider taking part in this:

rosaryIf you can’t read the text, it’s explaining that at 2 pm MST today we will be praying the rosary for the students and staff affected by the fire

The fire wasn’t the only thing that had been bringing me down these past few days (though it was definitely the most major) so I’m trying to refocus my energy on my half marathon training.  Running releases endorphins and just makes me feel better.  When I can accomplish a goal that I’ve set for myself, I feel proud.

As a reminder, here is what I am using as my guide for training:


I say I’m using this as my guide because I’m not following it exactly.  My goal is to run the number of miles they specify each week, but I might not do it on the days they outline.  For example, this past week I did 3 on Sunday and then was busy Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday and didn’t have time to run.  I ran 3 again last night, will do 3 more tonight, then do 4 tomorrow or Sunday.  I’m doing all the runs they outline, just not in the exact order.

Training has been going pretty well.  I’ve done most of it on a treadmill, and have been gradually increasing my pace.  On Sunday I ran the fastest pace for a 3-mile run that I’ve done in a while (about 9:30 min/miles…not super fast I know, but pretty good for me).  Last night I tried running outside because the temperature had warmed up to about 38 degrees.  There was still a lot of snow and ice on the sidewalks so that was pretty slow going.  Plus, it’s just a lot tougher to run outside with the different inclines and the cold air hurting my lungs.  However, it was still a good run and I felt good after finishing.

I really think this half marathon is what is going to pull me out of this funk.  It’s something that I have total control over.  Yesterday I was feeling pretty tired around Mile 2.  I made myself push through it and was able to finish the run without walking.  That felt good that I was able to control that situation.  A little feeling of control can go a long way!


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