Alive on the Other Side

Well guys, it’s Monday.  The half marathon is over, and I’m still alive and walking without any assistance from wheelchairs, canes, or walkers.  I have mixed feelings about how it went.  I was not able to make it the entire way without walking a bit.  I started out running with one of the pacers and she claimed she was 2 seconds off the pace, but according to my Nike app we were averaging 25 seconds faster per mile than we were supposed to be going.  By Mile 5 I started to slow.  The back pain started around Mile 7.5 (I used Icy Hot on my shins and they felt fine, but I didn’t think to use any on my lower back).  I walked around Mile 9.5, but right after Mile 10 I saw my sister, brother, and my brother’s girlfriend there cheering me on so that pushed me to finish.

ImageWe didn’t stop during the race, so we needed pictures with my sister and the signs she made for both my aunt and I afterward

Although I’m bummed that I walked, I did beat the time I ran last year by 7 minutes.  I’m pretty proud of that.  That’s like 30 seconds faster per mile.  That’s why I have mixed feelings.  I’m sad that I walked, but I’m happy that I ran a faster time.

*Edit:  I just looked up my official time from last year’s half.  I was 7 minutes 48 seconds faster.  That’s an average pace of 36 seconds faster per mile.  Nothing to sneeze at…

Other than the walking, the day was awesome.  The crowds were huge, just as expected.  Check out this video taken of the start of the race (the marathon, half marathon, and 10k all started together):

Finishing on Broadway in downtown Fargo was also pretty cool.  There were tons of people lining the streets for the last half mile.  The fans were actually great throughout the entire course.  If I’m ever in town and not running, I will for sure make humorous signs and go cheer the runners on.  The comedic relief was a major help.  Some of my favorite signs were as follows:

-At about Mile 3 someone was holding a sign that said “You still have a SHIT TON of miles left”
– “Staying up all night to make this sign was hard, too”  (and it was just a white posterboard with those words written in black marker)
– “Jack Bauer runs until the treadmill breaks”  (any 24 fans out there?)
– “Run fast, random stranger!”
– “Pain now, beer later”
– “Run faster, I just farted”

A lot of the signs were pretty dumb, but even a second’s relief from thinking about the pain or how much farther we had to go was greatly appreciated.

I started the race running with my friend Lindsey.  I pulled ahead of her after about 2 miles (following that stupid pacer) but she caught back up with me around Mile 9 and we finished together.  As we were running those last few miles we discussed how next year we were either going to do the 10k or the Marathon Relay so we didn’t have to run so far.  I can’t say that I won’t for sure do the half again.  I still want to complete one without walking, and Fargo is probably the best place to do that because it’s so flat.  My training was interrupted this year with the whole broken foot thing and then I was gone for a week in Pittsburgh.  But life will happen every year.  I’m sure if I register next year my life will be super busy and things will get in the way of training too.  I want to participate in the Fargo Marathon weekend in some form, because it is a really fun and exciting weekend.  We’ll just see how many miles I will put in next year 🙂


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